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Selamat datang di Black Order Headquarters! Waktu dunia Black Order HQ saat ini adalah: Februari 1880

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[ASIA] musim dingin, sejuk namun kering

[AMERICA] musim dingin, badai salju di akhir bulan

[AFRICA] musim dingin, sedikit salju di awal bulan

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- Valentine Grand Ball

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 Daftar Ulang Tahun Karakter

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Giraile Arevig A.
Vatican Central
Giraile Arevig A.

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PostSubject: Re: Daftar Ulang Tahun Karakter   17th January 2010, 13:41

Saya telah meng-update daftar ulang tahunnya, monggo diperiksa (siapa tahu ada yang kelewatan).

@ Ravel: Oh ya, baru ngecek kompatibilitas antara Cancer (Xena) dan Capricorn (Ezekiel):

Quote :
Dari sisi Cancer:Capricorn is your opposite sign and has many things in common with you. Yet, the goat's no-nonsense realism can totally block out your romantic impulses

Dari sisi Capricorn: You and your natural opposite have a lot in common. Cancer's dreamy, dependent emotions will either melt you rheart or make you turn cold and suspicious

sebenarnya bisa juga buat Abisak/Krikor LOL

Sekalian meriksain beberapa kompatibilitas yang lain:

Shrei/Giraile atau Abisak/Giraile:

Quote :
A compatible pair, you two share similar goals - respect, power, security, to name a few. The goat will seem insensitive to the scorpion but will certainly respect their privacy. You are both reserved and secretive, therefore quite protective of each other and loyal. However, Capricorn might feel Scorpio expects too much of them emotionally.


Quote :
Natural opposites, the bull holds a deep appeal to Scorpio, with their common sense and physical sensuality that can turn the scorpion on (??). However, the bull's stubbornness might turn Scorpio off. Earthy types like Taurus appreciate the sensitivity of a Water sign like Scorpio, but has to be careful so that the mutual passion doesn't turn into a competition.

Doeng doeng doeng... =w=)~3 *ngeloyor pergi*

"If at first you don't succeed... keep trying!"

passion, uncertainty-- her choice.
number01: the L O V E R S - part 1
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Zhang Huo Ju

Zhang Huo Ju

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PostSubject: Re: Daftar Ulang Tahun Karakter   29th January 2010, 10:45

Yosh, karena saya malas berpikir tentang hubungan tanggal dengan kepribadian, jadi asal tunjuk saja: 7 Juli. Alasannya mudah, karena sedang suka sama angka 7 *plak!*

*cek data* lha, bareng sama Xena toh? Dua karakter saya tanggal lahirnya bareng sama karakter-karakternya Ravel Neutral Tidak direncanakan lho.

*diagnosa hubungan tanggal lahir dengan kepribadian*

Ara? Ternyata sebagian besar mirip sama kepribadian rancangan saya Tilted Tidak direncanakan juga lho.
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Daftar Ulang Tahun Karakter
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